I decided to make a page so that fellow EliminatePro Users are able to ask questions on the wiki regarding their problems.

So just add on your questions or solutions,below.Thank You.

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1) Why is it sometimes when we try to log on to Eliminate,like trying to access a game,be it Deathmatch or Co-Op,it is unable to connect?

And is NGMOCO:) doing anything about the compatibility issue with version 4.1?

2) Are users hacking?I've came accross rank 30+ players with skill 8500+ playing with players of

rank 58+ with skill 7000+.Are they hacking?They move really fast,without the MODs(I can tell based on the colour of the skin) and their damage is godly!(without damage amplifier).

Are there hacks?I've googled,but no results.=(


1)I'm speculating here but..... NGMoco was aquired by DeNA, a Japanese company, last week. Ever since then their servers have been acting funny. (Even more so than normal.) I would expect this kind of oddness in a transitionaly period such as it is. However, finding any definitive answers is, as quite typical w/ NGMoco, VERY difficult, at best. Note the Number of players vs games right now. (1107 Central US time (-6 GMT)). There are about 270 players and 0 games.

Patience is required or an expectation of a complete game shut down. Hopefully the former is all that is required.

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