Most of the ideas presented are not taking into account the game itself and the effect of the ideas.
Eliminate is a fast paced FPS, players are bolting around maps firing at each other, mines do not fit such a game. Grenades are already in the game as the Hellfire and a sniper with one round? No matter how high the damage stat is, you won't get more than half your kills because you'll be reloading.

Eliminate Pro is a smart business model. You do not have to buy powercells, but buying them means you can play more games energized which fits in with the idea of limited time equipment. Presenting such a moco shift is bizarre, it tears apart the business model - i don't even need to comment further on it.

The Map Features section is just being based on other games. The gravity hook and jet pack gives you all the mobility you need - moving platforms/walkways and springboards aren't needed. Anti-gravity zones, an interesting concept but would you like to be a sitting duck? You can think of it as water basically, you are not very mobile in it even with acceleration and most players would use the gravity hook to get around in it anyway.

Make sure you are reading the note at the start, it's not completely about what you want, you need to consider the game.

Falzarfz2 01:28, April 18, 2010 (UTC)

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