• Falzarfz2

    "Noob" accounts

    April 26, 2010 by Falzarfz2

    I'm looking for other noob (as in secondary/lower ranked account) accounts to play with my own one because i don't have anyone yet.
    My noob is falzarfz3 and is currently at 8081 skill for rank 31 so hit me up if you do have one of your own.

    If your account is over rank 55, just add my main instead - falzarz2.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Falzarfz2

    Most of the ideas presented are not taking into account the game itself and the effect of the ideas.
    Eliminate is a fast paced FPS, players are bolting around maps firing at each other, mines do not fit such a game. Grenades are already in the game as the Hellfire and a sniper with one round? No matter how high the damage stat is, you won't get more than half your kills because you'll be reloading.

    Eliminate Pro is a smart business model. You do not have to buy powercells, but buying them means you can play more games energized which fits in with the idea of limited time equipment. Presenting such a moco shift is bizarre, it tears apart the business model - i don't even need to comment further on it.

    The Map Features section is just being bas…

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  • Falzarfz2

    Equipment page layout

    April 16, 2010 by Falzarfz2

    I'll be taking on the equipment pages and fixing them up, and this is the layout i'm using -

    Infobox on equipment (but i'll need someone to add the pictures for me)
    introduction to the equipment
    strategy for the equipment
    stats (table properties are - 6 rows, 11 columns, 800 pixels width, 200 pixels height, first column and row titles, alignment: center)

    i'm not sure if there's anything else to add but feel free to tell suggest things to add or changes in my layout

    Falzarfz2 08:04, April 16, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Falzarfz2

     I'm very confused about how tables work here, i've been editing the Hellfire Pro page and stats table but the second row keeps moving to the first row afterwards.

     The original properties of the table are -

     6 rows, 11 columns, 800 pixel width, 200 pixel height

     i also split each cell horizontally from the stats of L11 to L19 for all categories

     I am looking to put this table on all the weapon pages once i've solved this problem.

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