This article is meant for players that have already attained a good level of experience on previous accounts. This is because unless you have unbeatable aim, this combo is worthless.

Tools of the TradeEdit

1. Sniper + Mag-Rail + Gravity Hook + speed mod

The reason why this combination is successful is because the mag-rail, combined with the snipers targeting, makes the already strong firepower of the mag-rail even more lethal. When the fast RoF is accounted for, an extremely strategic and deadly weapon begins to form. The speed mod allows the player to be a faster infiltrator with almost twice the targetting. and with the Swift Cloaker Mod, Sniping and Surface combat is made easier to rack up quick, stealthy headshots.


  • Not meant for beginners due to the fact that without headshots, this combo is a fail. In addition, it takes a high level of skill to control speed mods and get good shots off at the same time. However, this definately pays off. On my first account, I was rank 22 and skill 1500+. Now, On my 9th Sniper account, I am rank 16 skill 4000+. My pro account is rank 60 and skill 9200+
  • Don't buy platings until your armor is maxed out. The reason is because the mag-rail protos and mods are expensive to keep purchasing so wasting credits on a plating that will not help you (as you have a mod) is a complete waste of credits.
  • Another reason that this combo is only for pros is because if you can't win every single match, with the exception of games in progess, this set wll not work.

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