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The Moco Shift happens on various days, when ngmoco changes the configuration of how the energy works for all employees. For example, instead of the standard 2 hour recharge, the recharge time is 1 hour and twice as many matches can be played. Take note that when more matches may be played on a full charge, powercells may be expended at different levels. Additional matches may be played even if the powercell meter turns red or has less than four powercells left. Manually replenishing the power meter may cost additional powercells depending on the amount of energy used to play.

Previous Dates of Shifts and DetailsEdit

4/19/10 - 10 minute recharge time

4/26/10 - 1 hour recharge time, 6 games with full energy

4/27/10 - 1 hour recharge time, 6 games with full energy