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The Longshot Jr is Eliminate pro's newly released sniper rifle. It registers headshots like the mag rail, hurrican and ripper. It is no longer available, so find a different gun.

Recommended if you are good at aim.

Base stats:

Damage: +66, +68(85 C), +70, +72, +74, +76, +78, +80, +82, +84(700 C)

Ammo: 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5(390 C), 5(415 C), 6

Rate of fire: level 0

Zoom: level 0

Reload: level 0

The rof and reload suck at first, but when upgraded to level 6 and above, is very good. Great for one hit-KO in the head unless u have a damage amp

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