JetPack PowerUp Icon

Jet Pack powerup as seen in-game

The Jet Pack is a powerup that allows players to fly around the map. Looking up or down will change the altitude of your flight, and you can move around like normal. However, you will be a bit slower than the standard walking speed. Jumping will greatly increase your altitude. This is useful for players who wish to reach good hiding spots and are not carrying a Gravity Hook.
Icon jetpack

Jetpack model

Players who are carrying Gravity Hooks cannot use them while the Jet Pack is active.

Strategy Edit

The Jet Pack is a good counter against the Rocket Launcher and Hellfire (and to some degree the Antimatter Jet and the Menacer); being in the air makes it much easier to dodge the shots, and also makes you a much smaller target to Rocket Launcher users who aim for the nearby floors or walls.

The Jet Pack, when combined with a long range weapon (such as the Auto-Rifle), can be a good counter to the Plasma Cannon, as the player can simply float far away in the air, reducing the damage of the Plasma Cannon.

This tool can also be useful when fighting, because opponents find it unnerving to fight against someone in midair. Also, it can be used to get away from a melee if your health is low.

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