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Health Boost PowerUp Icon

Health Recharge powerup as seen in-game

The Health Recharge powerup regenerates a player's health for a period of time. It is dropped whenever a player is killed (along with three credits).

If player is below 100 health, it will rapidly replace the health at a rate of 15 HP per charge. Once it reaches 100, it will heal by 5 to a max of 175. After the effects of the powerup wear off, the player's health will gradually return to 100, at a rate of 1 HP per second.

You can tell if another player has this powerup if they have a faint red glow around them.
Icon regen

Health Recharge model

Strategy Edit

It is one of the most valuable powerups in the game as it can prolong a player's life. It is useful after a fight, because one can replenish their health after killing their opponent. It is also useful in a one-on-one, because you will have almost twice your opponent's health if you pick it up and he or she does not.

Most one-on-one matches between players of equal skill will almost always be one-sided because of this powerup. Usually, the person to get the first kill will most likely be the victor as s/he will pick up this powerup, as the above paragraph mentions.There are ways to combat this, such as taking a berserker shield, or a damage amp to counter the high health of the opponent.

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