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Dualcannon proto pic

Screenshot of weapon in store(note: doesn't require lvl 42, that's just my level)


Rapid Burst Plasma Cannon Prototype fires overcharged plasma nodes in quick succession for devastating results. Expires in 6 matches.


The DualCannon Proto is a plasma cannon that fires two quick bursts of plasma nodes. The damage it deals is +50 to the highest damage upgrade available at your rank for the plasma cannon. With only two shots per reload, you should watch be wary of opponents close by.


  • Get a damage amplifier and shoot people! You will have a major advantage.
  • Using an Infiltrator should also boost your advantage. Dodging while firing can make a devastating combo. This strategy also works well with the Plasma Cannon.
Antimatter Jet (Devastator) - Auto-Rifle (Mag-Rail) - Gravity Hook - Hellfire - The Hurricane - Menacer - Plasma Cannon (DualCannon) - Ripper - Rocket Launcher (Titan, AP) - Stinger - Vaporizer

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