Devastator Jr.
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The Devastator Jr..

Game description



580 credits

Rank required


Derived from

Antimatter Jet

Built on the proven Antimatter Jet platform, the cutting-edge DAM-33 DEVASTATOR features dual, reinforced containment fields capable of unleashing higher power antimatter vortices than its faster-firing predecessor, inflicting even greater damage. The DEVASTATOR’s breakthrough containment fields also enable this weapon to deliver more devastating shots per clip before reloading.

Arguably the best retreat and area-denial weapon ever conceived by Arsenal Designers. Like the Titan, the DEVESTATOR comes in two flavors. The AM-33 DEVESTATOR JR is fully-upgradable and highly effective for employees rank 6 to Rank 50. The AM-70 Devestator Pro, available exclusively to decorated employees rank 50 and above, comes standard with state-of-the-art components equivalent in power to a fully-equipped AM-33 with maximum upgrades across the board. The DEVASTATOR PRO has the capacity to accommodate nine additional upgrade levels for our most elite combatants. [1]

Weapon Stats Edit

Base Stats: Damage: +20
Ammo Rack: 5 bursts
Rate of Fire: L0
Zoom: L0
Reload: L0

Fully upgraded stats: Damage: 30
Ammo Rack: 9
Rate of Fire: L9
Zoom: L9
Reload: L9


  1. Chris of ngmoco. "Let them eat Antimatter"
Antimatter Jet (Devastator) - Auto-Rifle (Mag-Rail) - Gravity Hook - Hellfire - The Hurricane - Menacer - Plasma Cannon (DualCannon) - Ripper - Rocket Launcher (Titan, AP) - Stinger - Vaporizer

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